An Ode to My Last Day

A recent college graduate, I found myself unemployed

Ready to enter the workforce, boy was I sorely overjoyed

One-hundred applications later I couldn’t help but scream

At this point even flipping burgers started to seem like a dream


I grazed the career center’s website for the fifthteenth time that day

Happened upon a job posting and decided to apply right away

“I’ve never worked in hospitality” I thought

But who knows, maybe this will be worth a shot


A few hours later I saw I had a missed call

I listened to the voicemail assuming it was nothing at all

“They want to see me tomorrow!” I shouted out with glee

Hopefully I’ll impress them with my bachelor’s degree


The interview went better than all the ones before

This time I didn’t feel like escaping out the door

Twenty-four hours later I got the news!

I could finally stop singing the unemployed blues


My first day was great everyone was so kind

I truly felt welcome for the very first time

Open 24/7 365 days a year

I really thought this could become my career


There were many hard working days, many late nights

Wearing our black suits, our dress shirts of white

No request was too big, no problem too small

We were there to help our guests, that’s it, that’s all!


I knew it would be tough when I said I was leaving

But truthfully I didn’t imagine having so many mixed feelings

My co workers quickly went from friends to family

Especially on busy days when we all lost our sanity


I will always cherish those memories we had

Clocking out for the last time today left me quite sad

Thank you to the job that gave me so much experience

Even those moments I had to be a little more serious


Although I’ll be living many time zones away

I hope you won’t forget me the very next day

Now I’ve walked out for the very last time

It’s just a “I’ll see you later” because I don’t like goodbyes


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